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The personal web pages of VK3KHB an amateur radio and TV operator / experimenter. Amateur Radio & Television are hobby activities with rewarding and potential career opportunities for interested participants; communicating with people by various methods in many different ways, Voice, Vision and Data. Web site has lots of technical explanations & charts. Ham Radio
Ham Radio also has Television, licensed radio operators broadcast their activities as home movies, slide shows and video-phone contacts via the Melbourne Amateur TV repeater on Mt. Dandenong in the UHF TV band as either DiGiTaL or analogue transmissions. Tune in and see...
A list of Australian DiGiTaL and Analogue television frequencies by State / Territory to help you confirm your TV / PVR / Set Top Box has the correct channels programmed for your area. Access by either PC or Mobile browser.
VK3KHB aka GAK has written his own music and sounds using various programs like "band in the box" and "cakewalk" then converting these files to mod, wave, mp3 and others formats. A small collection of these various compositions and excerpts are on offer free for personal use... Includes a secure gateway to various other collections and curious treasures... Music

The Star Light Observatory is a hobby activity where interested people can view current astronomical events at a convenient location by way of a mobile telescope and operator to educate and entertain children and adults alike. The site also has a gallery of images and animations. ...
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