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The personal web pages of 'V K 3 K H B' an amateur radio and TV operator experimenter. Amateur Radio & Television are hobby activities with rewarding and potential career opportunities for interested participants; communicating with people by various methods in many different ways over Voice, Vision and Data. Web site has lots of technical explanations & charts. Ham Radio
Ham Radio also has Television. Licensed radio operators broadcast their activities as home movies, slide shows and video-phone contacts via the Melbourne Amateur TV repeater in the 'UHF' TV band, as either digital or analogue transmissions. Tune in to '446.500' mHz and see... .
A list of Australian Digital and Analogue television frequencies by State / Territory to help you confirm your TV / PVR / Set Top Box has the correct channels programmed for your area. Access by either PC or Mobile browser. .
'V K 3 K H B' aka GAK has written his own music and sounds using various programs like "band in the box" and "cakewalk". Then converting these files to mod, wave, mp3 and other formats. A small collection of these various compositions and excerpts are on offer free for personal use... Includes a secure gateway to other collections of curious treasures... Music conductor
The Star Light Observatory is a hobby activity where interested people can view current astronomical events at a convenient location by way of a mobile telescope and operator to educate and entertain children and adults alike. The site also has a gallery of images and animations. ...
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