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This website is hosted outside of Australia and is beyond the draconian jurisdiction of Australian media laws.The .au address is a convenience for Australian visitors, if this site is block by filters it can be accessed via non AU addresses or the amateur radio network... message repeats...

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Intellectual Property (IP): ©

Visiors are most welcome to view, listen and study information on our website(s) for personal use. Our website information is from & for the 'public domain' unless stated otherwise, all materials used throughout our website(s) & associated networks are considered ours, Data, Scripts, Styles, Codes, Images, Video & Audio and is provided in good faith on an 'as is' basis.

We declare all elements that form our webpages always remain our property in whole or part; this includes and is not limited to, any electronic memes, any associated meta data, or communications our servers & visitors generate. There is no intentional surreptitious code or activity in operation. IP's may be recorded for statistics, internet service providers, government monitors and Google ads do their own things; e.g. cookies, analysis, tracking, etc. and are beyond our control.

All Rights are Reserved: When we discover any breech, by the detected 'from address' above, access to our website(s) may be blocked or restricted. We reserve our Rights to any share of income derived from our material and you agree to advise us, and pay us, a fair share, by way of a small, whole-number, percentage for each income event. Remediable action of enforcement of this agreement occurs through the Law Courts of Victoria, Australia.

If that is unworkable, bounties may be placed on the user(s) / owner(s) of the attributed to: 'from address' detected above, through an appropriate debt collection, credit rating agencies or local thugs :-)

You agree NOT to: Undertake any nefarious activity with, via or to our website, website elements, server or personnel; including but not limited to: interfere, hack, undermine, misrepresent, duplicate, pass-on, sell, use, hold, store, copy, frame, embed or reverse engineer any data or code from our website without an explicit written & signed agreement from us. You also agree to: hold this website, author(s), host provider(s) and any associated affiliates, indemnified from any legal action or any financial compensation that your access may incur or cause.

Please link with consideration: Links on your page(s) to our page(s) are permitted, however, our pages may be deleted, changed or encrypted without prior notice.

All website elements remain the property of:


and / or its respective author(s), regardless of the communication medium(s) or purpose it is used for. This includes but is not limited to screen capture, audio recording, video recording & all related and incidental meta data. If you are going to use or quote our material at least cite gak.net.au in your credits or contributors list. If you derive income from our pages please share, every little bit helps, thanks.

Government / Telecommuniation companies may be required by law to capture such electronic communications, however, we reserve all our rights to its use and release. Our written approval is required before any captured information can be used and compensation may be sought if a breach of our rights is discovered.

Encryption may be used here to protect our services, data, property & privacy. Access to some of our webpages may also be restricted based on several factors, especially when our 'AI' code can not confirm visitor integrity or is from a restricted geolocation, unauthorised or hostile service.

Our webpages may also be intercepted / blocked in your area by 'sensitive agents' like the CCP or GOP whom do not like facts being made available to enquiring minds of the public. Threats are taken seriously and passed along to the appropriate authorities.

Any displeasure of our online facts by visitors, bots, government entities or their agents should be directed through diplomatic channels. We thank the CCP for their idea / use of local enforcers to ensure compliance and we note that the GOP now uses this tactic e.g 6.Jan.2021 on their own parliament, no less, wow! Has the Rule of LAW (if you could afford it) now become. 'law of the jungle', 'survival of the fittest / thuggee'ist?' What a sad state off affairs our world society has disintegrated in to and it appears to be getting worse!

Please ask before:
Incorporating anything of ours on your website,
internet channel or public / private service.
It is common courtesy to ask / inform the author(s)
if their work is being cited before you release.

Any use should seek our written authority, [gak [at]...] and it may be granted but only on our official gak.net.au / author's letter head. If we do not have a record of it, you have a bogus authority, please Cease & Desist!

Google (bots) and Microsoft (bots) handle
searches & advertising where permitted.

The Archive.org is our preferred archive entity &
National libraries may also hold copies
of this website with our blessing.
(Legal notes, mouse over here...)

Note: Unsolicited emails advertising products / services is not permitted and perpetrators will be prosecuted through the legal system/credit rating agencies. message repeats...

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