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This website is hosted outside of Australia and is beyond the draconian jurisdiction of Australian media laws.The .au address is a convenience for Australian visitors, if this site is block by filters it can be accessed via non AU addresses or the amateur radio network... message repeats...

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Government / Telecommuniation companies may be required by law to capture such electronic communications, however, we reserve all our rights to its use and release. Our written approval is required before any captured information can be used and compensation may be sought if a breach of our rights is discovered.

Encryption may be used here to protect our services, data, property & privacy. Access to some of our webpages may also be restricted based on several factors, especially when our 'AI' code can not confirm visitor integrity or is from a restricted geolocation.

Please ask before:
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It is common courtesy to ask / inform the author(s)
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Any use should seek our written authority, [gak [at]...] and it may be granted but only on our official gak.net.au / author's letter head. If we do not have a record of it, you have a bogus authority, please Cease & Desist!

The Archive.org is our preferred archive entity &
National libraries may also hold copies
of this website with our blessing.
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Note: Unsolicited emails advertising products / services is not permitted and perpetrators will be prosecuted through the legal system/credit rating agencies. message repeats...

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